A Letter from NC Author, Jill McCorkle:


When people talk about North Carolina, they mention the beautiful coastline from the outer banks to Calabash; they talk about the Great Smoky Mountains and favorite stops on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They talk about ACC basketball and barbecue, all topics that can go on for a very long time depending on favorite beaches and favorite mountain perches, Universities and coaches and teams of the past 100 years and many facts and details that some of us don’t know, and likewise the different barbecues—the vinegar based Eastern (my native choice), Lexington, Western which will no doubt lead to arguments and discussion of hushpuppies (sweet or not, oblong or round), and talking; there is a lot of genteel, fun loving, knowledgeable talking to be done.

BUT, in my opinion, what should top the list of what makes North Carolina a wonderful place to live is that we are anchored by our great independent bookstores and the people running them; they keep us up to date on what we need to be reading on all levels: global, national and local. The stores are as varied in their personalities and appearances as you would find among those attending a family reunion; and yet, like those attending that reunion, they are all joined and related with a central connection to educate and entertain and connect members of the community. There is something for everyone.

We might find an allegiance on the daily basis based on geography and which store is most
convenient, but there is history among all and when it is time to band together for worthy causes and efforts to raise this state up, they are all for one and one for all.

Thanks to this great family for keeping the torches lit, but don’t ever ask me to pick a favorite. Unlike the barbecue choices, I love them all.


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